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We are extremely grateful that you have shown an interest in our site. If you have anything to share with the community, which is an essential component of both social media and community life, you are more than welcome to do it here.

First things first, before you start writing the post, here are some guidelines for you to follow!

Instructions In A General Sense

1. The writing assignment should be at least 1200 words long.

2. Make sure that your sentences are brief and that your tone is conversational.

3. No jargon, please.

4. Include images wherever they are required. Images, graphs, infographics, screenshots, and videos are some of our favorite types of content.

5. Include statistics whenever you can.

6. Ensure that proper credit is given to the source.

7. To support the claims you make, provide examples, use cases, and illustrations.


Every link that leads to an external site needs to be pertinent. We ask that you not include any links to promotional content. We will remove any promotional links.


Together with the written article, all graphics need to be compressed into a ZIP file and emailed to us.


Please check that your work has been proofread for the following before submitting it:

1. Grammatical errors

2. Plagiarism

We Hereby Expressly Reserve The Right To:

1. Get rid of any links that appear to be promotional.

2. Make any necessary modifications to improve the text’s readability.

Please be sure that the item you’ve submitted is unique and has not been published anywhere else.

Please assume that we have gently declined your contribution if we do not get back to you within a week of your initial request and kindly ask that you accept our apologies.

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