Safety mats- The best safety decision you will make

admin / February 9, 2022

Safety is a priority in any industry. Safety professionals are usually only concerned with floor mats.

It is time to change your way of thinking.

Preventing slips and falls injurie

General industry accidents involve the majority of slips and trips. They are the second leading cause of accidental death after motor vehicles, accounting for 15%.

We have to do our best to improve those statistics! Floor matting can be a simple fix to prevent slippages and falls.

Are you still not convinced? Does that sound too easy? I believe you will be changed by these top 4 reasons you should buy a quality safety rug.

Why safety mats make sense?

1. You can find your perfect fit

The workplace is designed for safety and efficiency. However, it’s not always constructed with extra features in mind. You can also lay safety mats. Depending on your layout you may need a broad commercial mats to cover a large space, or a narrower mat that can slide between a pair worktables.

You don’t have the option to ignore floor mats’ safety benefits. The modular safety mat allows you to create the layout that suits your needs by combining interlocking components. You don’t have to be restricted by the layout of your office.

2. Gives you more than just grip

A safety mat offers workers more traction and comfort. However, it’s much more than a simple rug. Material used in industrial safety pads are tested and designed to meet safety requirements.

Assess the hazards at your workplace and choose the correct safety mat material. Make sure you get a safety mat that is fire resistant if welding equipment is involved. Make sure your workers have extra protection if they are working with oils or grease.

3. Greater comfort means greater productivity

Do you ever feel tired near the end? It’s common to feel tired by mid-afternoon. You may feel your neck, legs, lower back, and upper back for the first six hours. If you are in this state, it is difficult to be at your best when you have two hours left before the clock strikes.

A good safety mat can help combat this kind of fatigue. Research shows that ant fatigue mats improve employees’ comfort levels, which in turn increases productivity. They keep workers’ blood circulation going, keep them alert, prevent them from becoming fatigued, and make them more productive.

4. Safety first – Always

Even if your shift ends with a thorough clean, liquids left on the floor can still cause serious injury. Even small spillages of oil, grease, or industrial chemicals can make workers slip and cause serious injury (for more advice see how to handle spills in your building).

It isn’t always possible to keep an eye out for everything that’s dropped, spilled, or tracked into work areas. Safety mats offer your workers a safe and dry work surface.


Slips are a serious matter. Putting down safety mats is an easy fix with big rewards. Do not wait until another worker falls. Get traction improvements in your workplace right away.