What are the strawberry cough cannabis strains and names?

admin / December 23, 2021

Strawberry Cough may be a crossbreed among strawberry fields strains and an old-school, classic Haze strain. There is much speculation as to how this powerful justdeltastore came about. Strawberry Cough has an amazing quality, which is surprising to all, even those who smoke marijuana.

The majority of people who try it get hooked. Strawberry cough plants have a tremendous THC level. They were tested in lab tests and found to contain between 15-26% of the THC. This is a good strain for those looking to experience intense feelings of elation and euphoria. However, the buds are not as strong as some others.


Strawberry Cough smells predominantly strawberry, just like its name. It is very reminiscent of fresh summer strawberries growing in a field. Some undertones can also be detected in this scent profile. These might include hints of earthiness and skunk. This is why this marijuana strain can cause coughing once it’s been inhaled the scent is enveloping and permeating every room, even after the buds are removed.


With a few minor differences, the flavor is identical to that of the aroma. Although it is rich with fruity strawberries, the overall flavor also has hints that remind you of eating berries right out of the ground.

Strawberry Cough strain is one that every stoner must try. It has a tropical berry sweetness that perfectly conflicts with subtle notes of earthiness and grass.

The aftertaste can be spicy and herbal. This flavor will stay in your mouth until the smoke has subsided. This flavor profile will make your taste buds happy. The strawberry flavor is both very delicious and also very sweet. It will satisfy even extreme sweet tooth.


The Strawberry Cough buds have beautiful appearances, and a wide variety of colors which complement each other. The sugar leaves are shades in violet purple, neon, green, and even yellow. There are also frequent spots of bright orange pistils. This is tiny hairs that curl around the frosty, sticky leaves.

The sugar leaf is densely coated with trichrome, giving it a crystal look similar to the first frost of each year.

Strawberry Cough Cannabis Growth Info

Strawberry Cough, as most people believe, is a very easy strain to cultivate. It’s also a good choice for those with varied skill levels and experiences.

This crop is easy to grow for novice. The plant’s stature is quite bushy and it can grow well on its own. It does require some maintenance to support its healthy growth. Regular pruning and ventilation can help ensure the crop’s flourishing.

Strawberry Cough may be grown both inside and out. However the environment it is in must be suitable. The strain prefers heat or tropical temperatures, between 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit and 21-30 degrees Celsius. This includes overnight.

You’ll maximize your crop yields if the temperatures remain as high as possible after the sun has set. The crop itself is medium in size, so it occupies less space up top than other justdeltastore. The crop can be grown in any indoor space that has a high ceiling.