How can you check whether your water heating system is working or not?

admin / October 15, 2021

One of the most essential appliances in an Australian household is the hot water system. No matter it is a solar-powered, gas or electric water heater system, all of these perform the same and very important function. According to a study, hot water systems consume 21% of the energy of Australian households.

The major chunk of this hot water is used in the bathroom. Other major areas of use are the laundry and kitchen. it would be a nightmare if one cold winter morning you wake up and the hot water system is not working. So many chores of your home will come to a standstill by the malfunctioning of just one appliance.

To fix a hot water system, you must always choose a trained professional who knows his way through such issues. Since the water system is an important and technical appliance, you must not take risks by outsourcing the job to some cheap plumber. If you want to go for the best plumber Hornsbythen Wilco plumbing is your answer.

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How to check your water heating system

  • The first step is to confirm whether the issue is with the hot water system or not. You must check that whether cold water is coming out of the taps. If yes, then the issue is with your hot water system only. You must check the isolation valve of the hot water system. It is a red or yellow handle placed on the side of the water intake. Sometimes the valve is off and that’s all the issue is. Simply turning it on will solve the problem.
  • If you have neither hot nor cold water, then you must check all other taps as well. If no water flows from them either, then you must check the main meter and check if the valve is turned on. If only one fixture is being affected, then ensure that the isolation valve is on.
  • If you see some leaking water from the hot water system, then you must immediately check the source of such a leak. Small amounts of water pouring out of the temperature relief valve is normally in the heating cycle but if the outpour of the water is in excess, like a bucket full, then you must get professional help immediately.
  • If the water from your taps is not hot enough, then you must ensure that the temperature settings of your water heating system are in order. Adjust the settings and wait for an hour or so. The water must come hot enough.


Water heating system is very important in Australian households. Immediate professional attention will allow the issue to be solved with much ease and less complexity.