How to use Cannabis oil?

admin / October 5, 2021

What is Cannabis Oil?

Cannabis oils are small concentrates that are made by extracting cannabinoids such as THC and CBD from the various cannabis plants. Most of the oils that you get at a dispensary are extracted by a process named “chemical extraction.”

While there are various methods of extracting oil from cannabis plants, few of them are safer and more effective while others aren’t. CO2 extraction is rapidly becoming the standard of extraction as it produces a safe product which is free from chlorophyll and other toxic residues that other extraction process might leave behind. Delta 8 cartridges is the most widely known brand for their disposable and environmental-friendly vape cartridges.

How to Use Cannabis Oil

Selecting a method of cannabis consumption depends on personal preference. Cannabis oil doesn’t work as fast as other inhalation methods such as smoking. It can usually affect faster than ingesting edibles. It also comes in different potency options, starting from oils which contain CBD (only) to those which comprise of various THC concentrations.

Sublingual consumption of cannabis oil is the most effective of all, wherein the oil is placed behind the tongue and is absorbed by the mucous that directly enters the bloodstream.

You can use this oil as edible oil or a capsule by consuming it with food and drinks. While this method can be effective, the availability of something that you ingest orally is usually lower, which means that you won’t be able to absorb the cannabinoids from it as thoroughly as they must pass from the stomach & the liver. Ingesting cannabis oil can take around 30 to 90 mins to actually start working depending on others crucial things like what have you consumed and your metabolism.

Dosing Cannabis Oil

Just like other cannabis product, dosing of cannabis oil also varies from person to person. You will have to experiment and test a bit to find out the correct dose for your body, but the general rule here is “start low & take it slow.” Start with consuming a few drops and wait for minimum of an hour to figure out how you feel. Increase the dose slowly until and unless you experience your desired effects. Please take note that more doesn’t necessarily mean better and there might be a small dosage window or the sweet spot that works amazingly for you. You would want to lower your dose eventually over time, but some people find that a constant amount of dosage might work for them over the long run. Start with a dose smaller than what is stated in the label and go ahead with your cannabis consumption journey. Make sure to start low and then slowly take it high as per your convenience.

Do consume cannabis responsibly.  Not everybody can handle it well. So make sure to start low. We would love to know your first experience.

If you want to learn more on how to consume cannabis oil and might work for your situation, please do visit your knowledgeable staff.