How Is Recycling Effective and What Steps Does It Encompass?

admin / August 17, 2021

The single and most baneful material that’s leading to the destruction of the environment is plastic bags. Their widespread use dovetailed with their immortality is like venom to the health of our mother earth. Unfortunately, we as humans have become so habitual in using the plastic that we do not even consider its uneventful ramifications on the environment.

The best way to revamp the health of our environment is to cease the use of plastic and start practicing the three R’s i.e., reduce, reuse and recycle. Recycling is the technique wherein new useful products are made out of old plastic waste, which has become out of use. For example, you can make chandeliers from wires, glass, and plastic.

However, all of this starts to form you beginning to change. You can start by using recycled bags instead of single-use plastic bags. Custom Earth Promos is the market leader in the USA when it comes to making recycled printed bagsTheir bags come in a great variety of sizes and prints. The company was formed with the sole objective of saving the environment from destruction.

If you are considering starting using recycled bags, they are the best providers in the market.

Importance of Recycling

In the USA alone, 2,500,000 bottles are used on an hourly basis. The majority of these are discarded in landfills as waste. This pace of waste generation is causing a great dent in the health of our environment. With this pace, soon we are going to run out of landfills. With this context, it becomes our priority to reduce and recycle plastic waste.

Besides that, almost 90% of that energy is conserved by recycling which would have been required in making new plastic products. Recycled plastics can be used to make an array of products ranging from carpets to chairs.

Steps of Recycling 

Recycling involves the following steps:

1- Collection- in major parts of the world, waste collection programs are conducted by the government and the local bodies. They collect all the waste that is generated by the households either by public garbage bins or by collection trucks.

2- Sorting- when all of the garbage is collected, it moves to the next step i.e., sorting. Here, the plastic is separated into different groups based on color, content, and type. This process is to ensure that the different plastics are treated according to their requirements.

3- Shredding- all of the plastic waste is shredded and chopped into small pieces. They are turned into minute flakes and then the flakes are separated on the basis of their weight. This is done to ensure that different plastics are not mixed together in the process of recycling.

4- Cleaning- cleaning is a crucial step in recycling. All the tiny flakes are cleaned of the contaminants that they may contain.

5- Melting- the plastic flakes are finally melted and converted into new plastic pellets, which are ready to be sent to companies to be given a new form.


Recycling is the best exercise when it comes to using plastics. Since they remain intact in the environment for thousands of years, the best thing we can do is to reuse and recycle them.