Take your Vaping Game to the Next Level with Cool Vaping Tricks

admin / June 29, 2021

You might have seen people doing cool smoke tricks on-screen or in real life. They made it look cool and you definitely would have liked to try it out. Smoke tricks with vape tend to have a better effect as it releases thick smoke when compared to cigarettes.

Vaping Tricks for Beginners

First, you need to understand what vaping is all about and where you can get the best quality vaping products.

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Now that you have finally got your vaping device, some of the vaping tricks that you can easily practice for a beginner are:

  • Lasso Trick
  • The Ghost
  • The Dragon

Lasso Trick – Inhale from your vaping device and make a big smoke ring. Make the ring bigger by pushing it with your hand. Take another drag from your device and make a smaller ring into the center of your bigger ring. When the smaller ring, moves into the bigger ring, it gives off an impression of a lasso.

The Ghost – Drag a long pull from your device, but do not exhale it. Let the vapor sit inside your mouth. Push out the smoke slowly. Now before the smoke gets out of your mouth completely, suck it back in quickly.

The Dragon – Take a long drag from your vaping device. Exhale the vapor from your nostrils and sides of your mouth at the same time.

For Intermediate and Advanced Vapers

If you have been vaping for some time now and want to learn new tricks, the below would be easy to master:

  • French Inhale
  • The ‘O’ Ring
  • Tornado
  • Bull Ring
  • Bane
  • Triangle
  • Jellyfish

French Inhale – Drag the vapor into your mouth. Jut your low jaw out and slowly let the vapor out. Switch to inhaling through the nose and exhale the balance vapor out.

The ‘O’ Ring – Take a drag and do not exhale. Form your lips in an ‘O’ shape. Release the vapor with a cough-like action.

Tornado – You need a flat surface to do this trick. Take a long drag from your vaping device and release it onto the flat surface, preferably a table. Use your hands to swipe at the expelled vapor in a vertical direction.

Bull Ring – Take a deep pull and blow out an ‘O’. Lean your head into the ‘O’ and suck the vapor into your nose.

The Bane – Works the same as a French inhale. The only difference is while expelling the vapor ensure to clench your teeth to release the vapor

Triangle – Make an ‘O’ ring with your mouth. Use your hands on the sides of the expelled ring to make a triangle.

Jellyfish – Make an ‘O’ ring. Use your palm to push gently into the O ring. Take another drag from your device and blow gently into the center of your ‘O’ ring.


All the above tricks require practice from your side. These tricks can be a great way to impress your friends and pass the time when you get bored.