Accreditations & Designations


HQSI earned full accreditation from URAC as an Independent Review Organization in 2008. URAC standards ensure that:

  • Only appropriately trained, qualified clinical personnel conduct and oversee the review process
  • Reasonable, timely and efficient processes are in place
  • Medical decisions are based on valid clinical criteria

The review services provided by HQSI are consistently objective, timely and equitable for all parties including patients, providers, purchasers, regulators, and customers.


As a member of NAIRO (National Association for Independent Review Organizations) HQSI partners in the community of collaborative leading companies that provide independent medical review services that help payers improve quality of care, medical utilization, and patient safety. IROs (Independent Review Organizations) play a critical role in improving the nation's healthcare system by making sure patients receive proper treatments while reducing payer administrative costs.

Utilizing independent medical peer review, patients and insurance companies often avoid repetitive, unnecessary, or invasive procedures that ultimately do not benefit the patient. The medical review process provides peer reviewed, evidence-based clinical determinations for all parties involved with the case.

Non-Profit Organization

HQSI is a 501(c)(3) organization as designated by the Internal Revenue Service.